I love clubbing but you irritate me

Going out to clubs can be fun and it helps take a break from the daily routine. The club scene has its good, bad and ugly (which I notice a lot), which I have had a fair share of. Some of the things that irritate me at clubs are:

1; ladies who grab their men tightly (or in most cases their SAB for the night), whenever the guys tries to speak to another lady, sister if you were giving him attention and not boring him he won’t be going elsewhere for entertainment

2; don’t want to come with a guy who dances so hard like his trying to give Dr Malinga competition, for your information Dr Malinga is doing his job he gets paid to be crazy on the dance floor. I don’t want to have you sweating so hard that you have to take off your shirt it’s not Jika Majika chill my brother the reason is not to sweat

3;a guy who pulls me from the dance floor and tells me to come sit down because he wants to hold a conversation with me, sorry my brother I didn’t come to 3Talk with Noeleen, if I wanted to sit down and talk I won’t be at a club, I’m here to dance, drink and have fun.

4; a guy who sticks on me like glue, dude you are not bodyguard from Belgium so give me room to breathe, give a sister some space

5; a guy who expects to dance with you all night, chill we not doing ballroom dance where we have to pair up the whole night. Sometimes I want to hit it solo on the dance floor please

6; ladies who will be dancing like they trying to prove a point just so they can get attention, you will break a bone or pull muscles you never knew you had. Relax the reason is not to sweat, otherwise tomorrow you won’t be able to wake up and we won’t be there to help

7;ladies who come to the club with an overnight bag, no sister don’t give it away that you will be giving it up tonight.

8; dude if I give you my phone to save your number don’t be all smart with me and save yourself the way your dreams tell you, next thing I have someone saved as “Tony my love”, wait right there brother

9; you just met me on the dance floor and already you tell me you love me. Like really? So what do we call it? Love at first dance move?

10; ladies who will be hating on other ladies just because those ladies are getting free booze while they sharing a bottle of Savannah drybad-girls-club-588

11;ladies who sit on the couch the whole night adding to the decoration of the club, sister you might as well just stay home, play music and drink there

12; someone who gets drunk and now stands holding onto you for balance let’s wait right there, do I look like a stand?

13 people who don’t wear appropriate for the club, a lady who is wearing a dress that is a “don’t touch” (too small), wearing a tracksuit in a club come on are you coming to prepare for a marathon? Being on the dance floor with your sharp nose, dude do you want to injure us?

14; stepping on me and not saying sorry because you want me to believe that you too drunk to notice

These are some of the things that irritate me and forgive me if you one of the people that do this things but they really irritate me.


Good bye #smed12

We as the media 3 students of 2012 were assigned on a task to have 2000 tweets by 9 November 2012 with the hash tag #smed12. It has not always been an easy task we have done some mistakes along the way. We were told to have 1 news tweet per day and other media related tweets. We have realized that #smed12 has become a part of our tweeting life we use it even with personal tweets which is not allowed.

I must say it was a challenge to get to 2000 #smed12 tweets because I wasn’t giving my all but I this helped me because I got to read more news stories on a daily basis. Being a student comes with its laziness, we didnt always tweet as we were told which left us under pressure during the last week of deadline.

With the #smed12 task I learnt that it was hard for us to take instructions and we paid the price as we started to panic and made unneccessary mistakes.

A woman must get married and have kids


This is been said to me most of my life, I get tired hearing it I don’t believe in marriage. Some people like forcing their beliefs on others and it’s wrong. I won’t die if I don’t get married or have kids.

This is a personal decision that I took and it should not be changed by anyone else but me. It doesn’t mean I am abnormal or I have fears. I just don’t see myself mothering someone or being Mrs. who ever. Yes my mother took the decision to have kids and get married but that doesn’t mean I should follow in her footsteps.

I am my own person I stand for what I believe and if you can’t support me on that then you don’t deserve to be in my life.

Crying is not a sign of weakness


Men are not supposed to cry; this is the way we have been raised. It doesn’t matter how much a man is in pain but they shall not cry this is viewed as a weakness. We forget that even if men are supposed to be strong at the end of the day they are human beings with feelings.

They also get hurt just like women, crying is a natural reaction and cannot be avoided. Though some men want to stay firm and say they will never cry there comes a point in their life where they break down and cry this doesn’t make them less of a man but it shows that they have feelings.

Should I become a parent I will let my sons know that its not a weakness to cry but it’s a way to express their emotions. Its better than bottling things up and end up committing suicide.

Do you celebrate the things you do have?

I do celebrate the things that I have because I know that someone else wish and long to have what I have but they can’t. One thing I constantly celebrate is the gift of life, the fact that God blessed me with another day to live and see beautiful things and be with my family.

We as people tend to focus at the down side of life and forget to appreciate what we already have. There are many ways I celebrate the things I have be it by dancing, singing, eating, praying and screaming. I acknowledge the fact that I am not going to stay in this world forever so I make sure that I treasure what I have been blessed.

Take a minute of your time not to ask God for anything but thank Him for all the blessings He has brought to your life be it big or small.

Of all the forms of courage the ability to laugh is the most priceless gift ever


Laughter is the best medicine it helps lower stress levels and makes one more comfortable. I doubt there’s a human being who has never laughed in their entire life, now that would be a shame.

Listening to a baby laugh has to be the most priceless thing ever knowing that they are care free and have no worries what so ever and they laughing so hard. Thank God for giving us comedians to make sure that we see the value of a good laugh.

Which activities make me lose track of time

For me there are two main activities that make me lose track of time and they are; social networks and sleeping.

I spend most of my time if not 90% of my time on these activities. They have become part of who I am, I always tell myself that I will decrease my focus on them but I always find myself glued to them. So many opportunities have passed me because I lost track of time. I want to change but change doesn’t come over night and it needs focus and determination.

I have seen that I’m all talk and no action whenever I say I will stop wasting my time on them. I have become a slave on these bad activities they suppose to be there to help me relax but I have made them steal my life.

With determination these two enemies will not steal my time and they will be a thing of the past.

The statute of limitations has expired on most of our childhood trauma


Indeed let the past stay in the past, I won’t want something that I committed when I was young to come back to me. Most of us have been naughty as kids and we have done a few things that we are not proud of, so we want to be able to move on with our lives.

When one commits a crime yes they should be punished but when the crime happened years ago when one was a little kid I don’t think that should be brought up after years. This does not mean criminals should be left unpunished just because the crime was committed in their childhood but they should not be harsh on them. With cases like murder yes they can be punished but not stealing a sweet from the local supermarket.

A remarkably wonderful person

When you look at her all you see is an ordinary traditional woman, but if you look closely through eyes then you will see a superhero.  She had her first kid at the tender age of 15 but that didn’t stop her from living her life to the fullest. Due to the fact that she had her kid at an early age her parents didn’t allow her to further her studies even though she was a bright girl at high school.

She then later had her second baby at the age of 19, at that moment she knew she had to take responsibility for her actions. She had to become more responsible and move from being a girl to being a woman, a mother who will take care of her kids. She started helping her mother with growing and selling vegetables so she can make money, and she also started collecting bottles and selling them so she can make extra cash so she can help feed her kids.

There were times her friends will invite her to go out and have fun but she refused as she knew she had responsibilities she had to take care of. She had to go look for job and leave her kids with her parents, she got a job selling clothes and later she got a job as a builder. She was good with building so when she got her salary she started buying building materials and later built her very own house herself so her kids can have a place they call home.

She later started being sick and having respiratory problems due to the cement and asbestos. So she had to stop working and focus on getting better. But even during that time she did some small jobs just so she can get some cash to feed her kids and take her oldest daughter to tertiary. She was able to take her daughter to tertiary until she completed and still made ends meet for her and son at home.

When people mocked her for being a mom at an early age she proved to them that she can make a better life for herself. She might not have everything going her way but she goes an extra mile to make sure that she gets the best for her kids and erase the mistakes she did one at a time. This woman is my mother Mrs. Moloto

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid (William Benjamin Basil King (1859 1928))

This quote emphasis on the issue of courage; being able to stand strong no matter the storm and be patient that you will be able to achieve your goal. Fear stands in the way of success and prevents you from achieving what you want and it prevents you from growing up as an individual.

We can’t all be bold but should we give our lives to God and ask Him to strengthen us and makes us bold then we can be able to stand tall.